Premium Support

How can you get support for free themes?

Please remember to read a theme documentation and/or FAQs section before asking a question.

If you are using one of our free themes, you can ask for support directly on the forum. Free themes are supported exclusively via public forum.

How can you get support for Premium Themes?

If you have bought one of our premium themes, you have access to Priority Support. To do so, you need to scroll down the page below and fill the form.

Please bear in mind that you need to send your license key, that will be checked by our team. If the license key is wrong or not sent, the support request will be ignored.

What kind of support is covered in the Pro Plan?

Any issue/incompatibility caused by our themes should be addressed by our team as soon as possible.

We provide support for installing the Pro themes and general fixes due to incompatibilities.


What does Single Site license mean?

It means that you are allowed to use the license on ONE site only, meaning that you will receive updates and support for that site only for one year.

However, our GPL license allows you to use the theme wherever you want, although not receiving updates and support for those installs.

What does Unlimited License mean?

It means that you are allowed to use the theme you bought on ANY site and we’ll provide support and updates to all of them for one year.

Why do you sell annual theme licenses?

It means that we are committed to our work and we value our customers. We are very serious about active theme development. We put a lot of time and effort to provide new features, fix bugs and keep it up to date with newest WordPress version.

Do I need to renew annually?

By renewing, you will be able to receive updates, keep your theme up to date and have access to support.

When will I get the theme after I purchase it?

You should get the theme immediately after your purchase. If you have problems, do not hesitate in contacting us.

How to get theme support or updates on completion of one year?

You’ll need to email us with your one-year license key and ask for extending the support and updates for one year. The price for that will be 50% of what you’ve paid for the first time.

What’s your license policy?

All our themes are fully licensed under the GNU (General public license). All of them.

Do you have Refund Policy?

Yes, we do! If the theme doesn’t fit you, you can request a refund in 30 days and we’ll refund it without asking questions. You request it and we refund it. Simples as that.

Do you provide theme customisation/enhancement?

Yes, we do, but it’s handled case by case. If you are interested in custom development, drop us a message and we can discuss it.

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