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Yocto is a lightweight and hyper-fast theme built for professional writers, bloggers and content marketers.

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5 resons why people love Yocto:

Performance optimised

Modern development tools, best practices and coding standards. Lightweight CSS, Vanilla Javascript, Block Editor / Gutenberg ready. Only the code you need to give you the performance you deserve.


Handcrafted with real people in mind. Accessible means easier to use, clearer to navigate, good for everyone. All that just because we know that your readers are extremely important and you care about them.


The carbon footprint of the internet is massive and often overlooked. We aim to bring positive impact into WordPress theme market by creating lightweight and energy-efficent themes.

SEO optimised code

SEO friendly right from the beginning. Semantic HTML, correct headings structure and fast loading times. All you need to boost your rankings. There’s only one thing we didn’t cover – high-quality content, but we know that you will handle it perfectly.

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It’s important for us so you know that you can reach for help anytime you need. And we mean it. Wheather you are stuck with a problem, found a bug or simply have a question we are always there for you.