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Best 20 Corporate Wiki Software You Should Know (2022 review)

Corporate wiki is an example of a tool a company can effectively distribute and organize knowledge with. As you know, managing your knowledge and sharing it smartly is very important in nowadays business.

Wiki websites are said to be one of the best software for the company’s knowledge management.

In today’s article, we will focus on explaining what exactly is a corporate wiki and on highlighting the benefits its usage brings. We will also present 20 best Corporate Wiki Software. On top of that, you will find here the answer to the question “Which one of them is the best for my company?”.

Corporate Wiki – how does it work?

Before we move on to the presentation of the best software on the market let’s spend a moment to shed more light on what the Corporate Wiki actually is.

To put it as simply as possible, Wiki is a website that’s main purpose is to collect the company’s information. The mechanism of such software can be easily explained using Wikipedia as an example – I’m sure you’ve used its resources on numerous occasions, am I right?

In a nutshell, it is an online repository where people with an Internet browser can easily add, edit and manage their content. It should not be a surprise that the entrepreneurs liked the idea. The use of corporate wiki software allows us to create and update a website easily and quickly. The possibility of creating direct links to the internal and external resources is equally important.

Last but not least – more than one employee can work on it at the same time. It gives a possibility of multiple people working on the same project. Moreover, they can track adjustments they make in real-time. Sounds like a perfect solution? I’m sure it does.

Those features combined with the ease of operation make companies reach out for solutions such as Wiki. When having a vast database that keeps expanding choosing a corporate wiki that would be the best for your company is absolutely crucial.

Corporate Wiki vs Knowledge Base

As you probably suspect Corporate Wiki is not the only solution that gives you such options. The biggest competitor in this field is the Internal Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Base is a place where companies can easily put information, store it and share it with potential clients. This type of software is also convenient for company’s internal usage.

The matter of which one of those two is better is disputable and mainly depends on the company’s vision and needs. If Corporate Wiki is a better option for you then you’re in the right place. In the next paragraphs, we will present to you the best corporate wiki solutions. However, if you’re still hesitating between Corporate Wiki and Knowledge Base Software, learn more about the latter to make a conscious decision.

20 Best Corporate Wiki Software You Should Know

Before presenting you our picks of the best corporate wiki software we should warn you. Be prepared that almost every one of them has “wiki” in their name… and we don’t know exactly why. Anyway – both free-to-use and paid software made the list. We know that every company has its unique, individual needs so we are convinced that everyone can pick something from the below list.

1. WordPress

WordPress platform needs no introduction. It is an unquestionable leader among both Corporate Wiki and Knowledge Base solutions. Where does its popularity come from?

This is a Publishing and a CMS (Content Management System) Platform. It’s a profitable and very easy to use open source. Website maintenance is simple and intuitive. Due to its popularity and constantly expanding library of plugins, that are easy to install and use, more and more entrepreneurs decide to use WordPress as their Corporate Wiki.

What will you need to use Wiki Software on WordPress? LearnMore theme was made for this exact reason. Combining the greatness of this theme and flexibility of WordPress gives you the possibility to create a fully collaborative environment.

Additionally, if you store any resources on another platform but are thinking about changing it, we have good news for you – thanks to an incredibly easy migration you’ll be able to transfer your data from MediaWiki or similar without any problems.

WordPress is also a great solution for those who like to personalize their websites on their own. There are lots of premade themes that you can easily download and install.

If you’re looking for a place where you could manage your knowledge with numerous helpers and without any problems, WordPress is the answer.

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Almanac is a collaborative doc editor with the latest handbook features available today. It’s designed to help distributed and hybrid teams cut reliance on other tools such as Slack, email, and meetings.

Almanac brings together everything a team needs to get work done into a doc editor: wikis, tasks, feedback requests, chat, approvals, public sharing, doc analytics, and more. Hundreds of remote teams use Almanac to collaborate on docs, organize documentation, and streamline processes as they scale.

The biggest advantage of this Almanac is it’s simple to use wiki & handbook features, it’s version control functionality, and its library of 3,000+ templates for knowledge workers. Want to try out Almanac? Signup with code “humblethemes” at checkout for a free month of Almanac Enterprise.

3. XWiki

Another free proposal is XWiki. The software was written in Java and an emphasis was made on the website’s constant development. Entrepreneurs can easily use XWiki as a repository for their structured data.

In the second generation of the program users can:

  • Run a blog with a purpose of conveying knowledge and categorizing it by proper tags and labels;
  • Manage their folders and files with ease;
  • Schedule meetings (easy access to the calendar) and invite others;
  • Be in touch with other users thanks to the possibility of creating internal forums;
  • Manage tasks for specified projects.

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4. Confluence

Confluence is a proposal from an Australian company Alassian. This workspace gives a possibility to share knowledge and work on projects at the same time. Confluence is divided into pages and spaces where users can easily manage the content.  

The two biggest advantages of this solution can be its integration with Jira and the option of accessing it from every mobile device wh is online. Additionally, the maker gives an option to choose from many  

premade templates – this will definitely save some time people who don’t want to personalize their Wiki Corporate on their own.  

Using Confluence is free for up to 10 users. This solution has also limited storage. If you’re looking for a solution to a small company you can give it a try. Bigger businesses (up to 10,000 users) have to purchase a subscription that can be adjusted to their needs.

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5. DokuWiki

As a wiki type of an open-source, DokuWiki was made for creating company documentation. Its undeniable benefits are ease of use, ease of installation and low system requirements. This software works on text files and does not require a database.

DokuWiki is worth considering since it is a completely free platform that works similarly to MediaWiki – which is the next item on our list.

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6. MediaWiki

MediaWiki is described as a tool that is free, open, easy to use and reliable. It is being used by many international corporations and organizations that prove its quality.

MediaWiki user has the ability to manage sites, digital content, and users. You can create a database and keep track of introduced adjustments without any problems, all thanks to versioning system. On top of that, the software supports an incredible number of languages.

MediaWiki project and its coverage made the community of users gather up and create support points. When using MediaWiki you can be sure that someone will help you in case of any troubles. As an aspiring programmer or MediaWiki administrator, you can use textbooks that will make your study easy. We can say without hesitation that MediaWiki is definitely worth your consideration.

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7. You need a wiki

First of all, we have to admit – the name is very catchy. You need a Wiki is a software that is strongly integrated with Google Docs and Google Drive. When installing and configuring you can transfer all your data to You need a wiki in an instant. Additionally, all the changes made to Docs or Drive will be automatically implemented in Wiki.

This solution is quite an interesting proposition for companies that use solutions provided by Google. Thanks to that they can save plenty of time not only on moving files to a new directory but also on learning how to use the new wiki system.

Sounds appealing? Of course, it does. Yet you have to remember about user fees. For one-man companies, You need a wiki is free. In other instances, you have an option to try a 14-day trial period. After that, you need to subscribe if you decide to continue using this. Moreover, the biggest subscription plan is only for max 75 users.

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8. Tiki Wiki

Another open-source system to manage your content is TikiWiki. This free CMS platform is tailored for creating content, blogs, forums, and many more.

There is a possibility to try TikiWiki without registering and installing it on your workstation what is a major bow towards the undecided ones.

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9. SharePoint /OneNote

SharePoint is a title that needs no further introduction. Based on Microsoft Office solutions, this server is tailored for knowledge sharing, creating new documents, and teamwork.

OneNote is also included in the package. It is a type of electronic journal/log that allows for easy organization, content tagging, and multimedia compilation. Usage usually comes with a subscription fee.

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10. Notion for Wikis

Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac compatible Notion for Wiki is another wonderful proposal. The ability to use it from virtually any mobile device is an undeniable advantage.

Available versions and apps allow adjusting to every company’s – regardless of whether it is engineering or marketing related.

Another benefit is a free plan for sole proprietorships. In the case of bigger companies, there is a fee. However, it is not high when compared to the highly developed wiki corporate tools the software offers.

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11. Evernote

Evernote is a software for making notes. For some it is not enough, for others, it is exactly what they have been looking for. Naturally, the program gives you a possibility to store, edit, and add tags.

User has 3 options to choose from – basic, plus, and premium. Each of them has a different price and basic is a free option. The tool is a great addition to the standard Corporate Wiki as it lets you quickly save the content you found online and more.

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12. FosWiki

“Free, friendly, and effective community-based support” – that’s how FosWiki is described on the official website. We can definitely agree, that this is a free proposal based on wiki software that gives its users lots of freedom and possibilities.

It is worth mentioning that FosWiki is TWiki compatible which is good news for those who are using the latter.

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13. TWiki

n the previous point, we mentioned TWiki so without further ado let’s talk about it a bit more. It is a platform and a web application that makes content and project management easy and flexible.

This corporate wiki is a simple yet relatively complex tool.

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14. Bookstack

Another free, open-source wiki platform is Bookstack, available on GitHub. The software can be integrated with Google, Slack, Azure, AD, and Okta. You don’t have to have a high-end machine to install and work with it.

For a free platform, Bookstack offers lots of benefits. Users can easily configure and adjust it to their needs. Since it is multi-lingual it is a perfect option for international, multicultural companies.

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15. ZohoWiki

Managing a company’s knowledge is easy with ZohoWiki. Especially, when your needs are peculiar and detailed – tailoring the website to your own needs is very intuitive.

With ZohoWiki you can create workspace and pages with ease, thanks to the top-notch text editor. You can also assign specific tasks to particular users, with everything being properly secured.

To sum up – a good solution at a reasonable price. That’s right, for 4 and more users the platform requires a subscription.

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16. Local Wiki

There is a special treat on our list for Python fans. What makes it stand out? It was made for organizations that popularize local services. It is a software that combines local knowledge from all around the globe.

A perfect solution for enterprises that deal with local touristry. It is an ideal platform for sharing interest, local guides, and fun facts.

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17. Nuclino

Similar to other solutions based on the Wiki platform, Nuclino is a repository that can easily store knowledge of all your employees at the same time – all you need is internal links.

Nuclino significantly eases the access to company’s documentation and information. What makes Nuclino stand out from other software is hierarchic tags. Thanks to them you can display the same page in multiple queries at the same time.

Nuclino comes as a free or a paid solution. The free version, however, is not the most advantageous proposal on this list. Not to mention, that it comes with several limitations.

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18. SlimWiki

SlimWiki is a software that puts a user’s project and experience first. Many free Wiki software discourages their users with a plain, blunt interface that resembles old and obsolete websites.

The design is very satisfying. Because of that user can focus all their attention and energy on creating and editing content. Additionally, the makers are working on the possibility to pick a layout that would fit perfectly into your company’s vision and style.

SlimWiki is available for desktop and mobile devices. And yes, everything is free – what makes us believe that it is one of the best Wiki for a company.

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19. Zim Wiki

Zim is a solution for personal usage. This graphic text editor is meant for managing wiki sites. Sites can have links and redirects to other websites, simple formatting, and pictures.

Everything is stored in folders and can have attachments. There are many plugins and features that allow developing Zim. However, based on its nature it is a solution aimed at a singular user that is looking for software for making and storing notes. If you are looking for that kind of a solution but Zim hasn’t convinced you, you can try TiddlyWiki that is based on similar principles.

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20. Wiki.js

Another open-source solution is Wiki.js. The ease of installation and the possibility of smooth usage on every device is irrefutable benefits. Scaling has been improved; hence everything will be displayed perfectly, regardless of the size of your screen.

This wiki for company platform is free. It allows for hassle-free administration and customization. The platform also gives you an option to compare two versions at the same time. Tracking changes can be easier and more comfortable that way, am I right?

The website is being constantly improved. Soon users will have the possibility to perform a smooth migration of their content from MediaWiki to Wiki.js.

Find out more:

Which Corporate Wiki Should You choose?

When asking this question, you have to know that there is no absolute answer and everyone can have their own personal favorite.

However, there are factors you should take into consideration. The most crucial ones are the size of your company and your budget. Many free solutions on the market will satisfy your needs. We have also presented ones that are free for sole proprietorships or companies consisting of several people only. We have focused on picking the best corporate wiki for small and medium companies.

It is also very important to adjust corporate wiki to your needs. Managing knowledge is not the same in every company. You have to decide whether you are more into creating documentation or maybe keeping track of the projects you coordinate.

As per our judgment, WordPress is one of the best solutions available. It gives you lots of freedom and due to its rising popularity, it is being constantly adjusted to different types of users. Moreover, starting a blog on WordPress is extremely easy. Simply decide if it satisfies all your needs and starts storing your knowledge.


Alright, we hope this article answered your questions about the best corporate wiki software. As you have noticed, there is plenty of options to choose from. Available software can be less or more advanced. We hope that you will easily find the ideal solution for your company now. Or maybe you have found it already? Either way – good luck!

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